Enercapta GmbH and POLYBLOC AG


Dear Business partner

We have been distributing the products from Recuperator and POLYBLOC since 2009. We look back ona successful period and are proud to have part of the enlarged market share of Recuperator. Today Recuperator is one of major supplier of air to air plate heat exchangers in Europe.

POLYBLOC meanwhile has developed to the technical leader of various air to air plate heat exchangers. Mainly the product lines with very high efficiencies (Accubloc), adiabatic cooling (Softcool) and products for polluted air (stainless steel, plastics) are in great demand.

It is a great pleasure and honour that I was appointed president of POLYBLOC from January 1st.

We will take over the our employees and the partnership with Recuperator into POLYBLOC. We are convinced that this wide product range will always enable us to offer an attractive solution in regard to price and technique.

We thank you for your past custom and hope that we will have pleasure in working with you again in 2011.

Peter Müller


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