By-pass damper
  Stainless HE E5


Air to air plate heat exchangers for air conditioning

Enercapta offers a wide range of plate heat exchangers:

Following trends and in accordance with the latest energy saving laws we have expanded our product range with low spacings in order to reach 70% efficiency with 2 m/s face velocity.

Besides normal application we offer corrosion protected units e.g. for indoor swimming halls, very tight units for contaminated air streams, etc.
Our experience and product range has resulted in us reaching key supplier status for many leading AHU-producers.


Air to air plate heat exchangers for industrial application

Facilities for paint-spraying, galvanizing or exhaust air from laboratories. For nearly all applications we can offer solutions from our wide range of materials. 


  • Sturdy plate heat-exchangers made from aluminium for ‚normal’ poluted exhaust air, e.g. from paint-spraying. Easy to clean.

  • Completely tight welded plate heat-exchangers made from polypropylene for very corrosive air, as from galvanizing processes or brine bathes.

  • Stainless steel heat-exchangers for corrosive air or high temperatures in a wide variety of different tightness and temperature classes:



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